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  Wikipedia: 10th Mountain Division

Wikipedia: 10th Mountain Division
10th Mountain Division
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The 10th Mountain Division is a unit of the United States Army, currently serving under the XVIII Airborne Corps. It has fought in many battles and actions, including the Battle of Mogadishu and many of the actions fought by its corps. The unit's specialty involves moving across mountainous terrain and fighting effectively in harsh conditions. Like the rest of the corps, it is an elite unit that can be transported (albeit in an unlikely case) through airborne means. It is currently based at Fort Drum, New York.

It was first activated on 15 July 1943. It was one of the last US divisions to enter combat, not starting to fight as a unit until January 1945.

The 10th Mountain Division saw its first actual combat in Italy, although previously the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment had participated in the assault landing on Kiska, 15-17 August 1943, only to find the island completely deserted by the Japanese. Elements of the Division began arriving in Italy in late December 1944, and after a brief training period entered combat, 8 January 1945, near Cutigliano and Orsigna. Preliminary defensive actions were followed, 19 February 1945, by a concerted attack on the Silla-Mount Belvedere sector, and the peak was cleared after several days of heavy fighting. In early March the Division fought its way north of Canolle, taking several more peaks, and moving to within 15 miles of Bologna. Maintaining defensive positions for the neat 3 weeks, the Division jumped off again in April, captured Mongiorgio, 20 April, and entered the Po Valley, seizing the strategic points, Pradalbino and Bomporto. The 10th crossed the Po River, 23 April, reached Verona, 25 April, and ran into heavy opposition at Torbole and Nago. After an amphibious crossing of Lake Garda, it secured Gargnano and Porto di Tremosine, 30 April, as German resistance in Italy ended. After the Germans surrender in Italy, 2 May 1945, the Division went on security duty, receiving the surrender of various German units and screening the areas of occupation.

The division was deactivated on 30 November 1945. However, it was reactivated on 1 July 1948, after being redesignated the 10th Infantry Division. 10 years later, on 14 June 1958, it was deactivated. It was not until the Reagan buildup of the 1980s, that the 10th Mountain Division made a reappearance in the order of battle of the United States Army. It was reactivated on 13 February 1985 at Fort Drum in New York State.

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Commander: Brigadier General Lloyd J. Austin III
Chief of Staff: Colonel Arthur Bartell

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