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  Wikipedia: 1907 in music

Wikipedia: 1907 in music
1907 in music
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See also: 1906 in music, other events of 1907, 1908 in music and the list of 'years in music'.


  • General Porfirio Díaz legendarily orders a mariachi band to wear upper-class clothing (a charro suit) when they played for the visiting United States Secretary of State; this is the beginning of modern mariachi, as well as the traditional dress of future mariachi stars.

Published popular music

  • "All She Gets from The Iceman Is Ice" w. Arthur J. Lamb m. Alfred Solman
  • "And A Little Bit More" w. Alfred Bryan m. Fred Fisher
  • "Ballooning" w. Paul West m. Jerome Kern
  • "The Bandolero" w. m. Leslie Stuart
  • "Be My Little Teddy Bear" w. Vincent Bryan m. Max Hoffman
  • "Because I'm Married Now" w.m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "Bon Bon Buddy" by Alex Rogers
  • "Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain" w.m. Arthur Longbrake
  • "Budweiser's A Friend Of Mine" w. Vincent P. Bryan m. Seymour Furth
  • "Bye Bye Dearie" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" m. Edmund L. Gruber
  • "Come Along, My Mandy" w.m. Tom Mellor, Alfred J. Lawrence & Harry Gifford New words Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth 1910
  • "Common Sense" w.m. Chris Smith & John Larkins
  • "Don't Worry" w.m. Ed Rose & Ted Snyder
  • "Down Home Shout" Herman Carle
  • "Fairy Queen" m. Percy Wenrich
  • "Fishing For the Moon" David Kilburn Stevens
  • "Gladiolus Rag" by Scott Joplin
  • "Golden Rod" McKinley
  • "The Handsome, Brave Life Saver" Gumble
  • "Harrigan" w.m. George M. Cohan
  • "He Goes To Church On Sunday" w. Vincent Bryan m. E. Ray Goetz
  • "The Homesick Yankee" Clark
  • "Honey Boy" w. Jack Norworth m. Albert Von Tilzer
  • "The Honeybee's Honeymoon" Reed
  • "I Love You So" w. Adrian Ross m. Franz Lehar
  • "I Wish I Had A Girl" w. Gus Kahn m. Grace Leboy Kahn
  • "I'd Rather Be A Lobster Than A Wise Guy" Morse
  • "I'd Rather Two-Step Than Waltz, Bill" w.m. Benjamin Hapgood Burt
  • "I'm Afraid To Come Home In The Dark" w. Harry H. Williams m. Egbert Van Alstyne
  • "I'm Happy When The Band Plays Dixie" Vandeveer
  • "I'm Tying The Leaves So They Won't Come Down" w. E. S. S. Huntingdon m. J. Fred Helf
  • "In A Hammock Built For Two" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry von Tilzer
  • "In The Land Of The Buffalo" Williams, Van Alstyne
  • "In The Wildwood Where The Bluebells Grow" w.m. Herbert H. Taylor
  • "In Washington" w. Vincent Bryan m. Gertrude Hoffmann
  • "It's Delightful To Be Married" w. Anna Held m. Vincent Scotto
  • "It's Great To Be A Soldier Man" Morse
  • "It's Nice To Have A Sweetheart" Kerker
  • "I've Told His Missus All About Him" Tate
  • "Just Because He Couldn't Sing "Love Me And The World Is Mine"" w.m. Bert Fitzgibbon
  • "Kansas City Rag" by James Scott
  • "Keep On Smiling" Paley
  • "The Last Rose Of Summer Is The Sweetest Rose Of All" w. Arthur Gillespie m. Harry Sidney
  • "Lucia" Klein
  • "A Man Without A Woman" Rogers
  • "Marie From Sunny Italy" w. Irving Berlin m. M. Nicholson
  • "Mariutch Down At Coney Island" (aka "Mariutch Dance Da Hootch-A-Ma-Kootch") w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry von Tilzer
  • "(You'll Find Me At) Maxim's" w. Adrian Ross m. Franz Lehar
  • "Meet Me Down At The Corner" w. Will D. Cobb m. Harry Hoyt
  • "(The Best I Get Is) Much Obliged To You" w.m. Benjamin Hapgood Burt
  • "'Neath The Old Acorn Tree, Sweet Estelle" w. C. M. Denison m. J. Fred Helf
  • "'Neath The Old Cherry Tree, Sweet Marie" w.m. Harry Williams & Egbert van Alstyne
  • "Nestle By My Side" Luders
  • "No Wedding Bells For Me" w. E. P. Moran & Will A. Heelan m. Seymour Furth
  • "No, No, Positively No" w.m. Chris Smith & Harry Brown
  • "No-One Knows" w.m. Francis Mack
  • "Not For Me" w.m. Bessie Wynn
  • "On The Road To Mandalay" w. Rudyard Kipling m. Oley Speaks
  • "The Peach That Tastes The Sweetest Hangs The Highest On The Tree" w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards
  • "The Pride Of The Prairie" w. Harry Breen m. George Botsford
  • "Put Me Among The Girls" w. C. W. Murphy m. Dan Lipton
  • "Rain-in-the-Face" Burt
  • "Red Wing" w. Thurland Chattaway m. Kerry Mills
  • "Rum-Tiddley-Um-Tum-Tay Out For The Day Today" w. Fred Leigh m. Orlando Powell
  • "San Antonio" w.m. Harry Williams & Egbert van Alstyne
  • "Sandy, You're A Dandy" w.m. Hector Grant
  • "Search Light Rag" by Scott Joplin
  • "She's A Lassie From Lancashire" Murphy, Lipton, Neat
  • "Sleepy Sidney" by Archie W Scheu
  • "Smile, Smile, Smile" Hoffman
  • "Somebody's Been Around Here Since I've Been Gone" Bratton
  • "Somebody's Waiting For You" w. Vincent Bryan m. Albert Gumble
  • "Take Me Back To New York Town" w. Andrew B. Sterling m. Harry Von Tilzer
  • "Take Me Where There's A Big Brass Band" Morse
  • "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" w. James B. Kennedy m. John W. Bratton Words 1932.
  • "That Lovin' Rag" w. Victor H. Smalley m. Bernie Adler
  • "Theodore" w.m. Vincent Bryan
  • "There Never Was A Girl Like You" w. Harry H. Williams m. Egbert Van Alstyne
  • "Tipperary" w. Leo Curley m. James M. Fulton & J. Fred Helf
  • "Tommy, Lad!" w. Edward Teschemacher m. E. J. Margetson
  • "Two Blue Eyes" by Edward Madden
  • "Two Little Baby Shoes" w. Edward Madden m. Theodore F. Morse
  • "Under Any Old Flag At All" Cohan
  • "Vilia" w. Adrian Ross m. Franz Lehar
  • "Wal, I Swan!" aka "Ebeneezer Frye") w.m. Benjamin Hapgood Burt
  • "'Way Down In Colon Town" Hoffman
  • "When A Fellow's On The Level With A Girl That's On The Square" w.m. George M. Cohan
  • "Who? Me?" Snyder
  • "Won't You Be My Honey?" Morse
  • "Won't You Waltz Home Sweet Home With Me" w.m. Herbert Ingraham
  • "Wouldn't You Like To Have Me For A Sweetheart?" Robyn
  • "You Splash Me And I'll Splash You" w. Arthur J. Lamb m. Alfred Solman

Musical theater

  • Die Dollarprinzessin Vienna production
  • Follies Of 1907 Broadway production
  • The Gay White Way Broadway production
  • The Girls Of Gottenberg London production
  • The Merry Widow London production
  • The Merry Widow Broadway production
  • Miss Hook Of Holland London production
  • Miss Hook Of Holland Broadway production
  • Nelly Neil London production
  • The Orchid Broadway production
  • The Rogers Brothers In Panama Broadway production
  • Ein Walzertraum (A Waltz Dream) Vienna production
  • Ein Walzertraum Berlin production




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