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  Wikipedia: August

Wikipedia: August
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See August (album) for the album by Eric Clapton.

August is the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, with 31 days. Named for Augustus Octavianus. The month has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar's July. Augustus placed the month where it is because that's when Cleopatra died. Before Augustus renamed August, it was called Sextilis in Latin, since it was the sixth month in the Roman calendar which started in March.

August begins on the same day of week as February in a leap year.

In Ireland,(in the Irish language) August is known as Lúnasa, a modern rendition of Lughnasadh, named after the god Lugh and August 1, (Lá Lúnasa) in the Irish Calendar is still regarded as the first day of Autumn. The first Monday in August is one of the Public Holidays in the Republic of Ireland.

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