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  Wikipedia: Aveiro

Wikipedia: Aveiro
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Aveiro is a city in Portugal, with 110,000 inhabitants, capital of a district with the same name. Located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Aveiro is an industrial city. Aveiro is known in Portugal for its traditional sweets, the ovos-moles and the trouxas de ovos, both made from eggs. It is sometimes called "The Portuguese Venice" beause of its canals and boats that remind one of the Italian city of Venice.

Municipalities In the Aveiro District:

  • Águeda
  • Albergeria-a-Velha
  • Anadia
  • Arouca
  • Aveiro
  • Castelo de Paiva
  • Espinho
  • Estarreja
  • Ílhavo
  • Mealhada
  • Murtosa
  • Oliveira de Azemeis
  • Oliveira do Bairro
  • Ovar
  • Santa Maria da Feira
  • São João da Madeira
  • Sever do Vouga
  • Vagos
  • Vale de Cambra


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