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  Wikipedia: Bomis

Wikipedia: Bomis
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Bomis is an Internet company founded in 1996. Its primary business is the sale of advertising on the search portal. It also sells erotic images over the Internet.

Bomis started Nupedia and hired Larry Sanger who, while working on Nupedia, had the idea for Wikipedia. Bomis provides the webspace and bandwidth for these projects. Bomis also owns the few things related to the project that are not open source or open content (such as the domain name). However, many of these are planned to be moved to the ownership of the Wikimedia Foundation, officially announced on June 20, 2003.

Bomis has never had venture capital.


Jimbo Wales is the majority owner of Bomis. Tim Shell is his partner, and they have another partner who is (merely) an investor, not an active participant in the company.

Former employee Larry Sanger worked solely on Nupedia and Wikipedia.

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