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  Wikipedia: Coat of Arms of Jordan

Wikipedia: Coat of Arms of Jordan
Coat of Arms of Jordan
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The Coat of Arms of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a derivation of the Hashemite coat of arms, and symbolizes the rule of that family over the nation.

The coat of arms consists of many parts. The crown at the top symbolizes the monarchy, beneat which is a coat that represents the crown of the ruler of Jordan. The coat is red on the outside to symbolize sacrifice, and white on the inside to symolize purity.

Enclosed in the jacket are numerous objects. Included are the two flags of the Great Arab Revolt, which form the basis for the Flag of Jordan and which had served to form the basis of the flag of the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq. The eagle is a symbol of power and courage, and it stands upon a globe to symbolize the spread of Islam across the world.

Beneath the eagle and globe is a shield surrounded by numerous weapons. These symbolize a quest to defend what is right, and fight what is wrong. Attached to the bottom of the shield is a medal that is the highest medal given in the nation of Jordan. Attached to the medal are portrayals of palms and wheat.

In between the medal and the sheild is a scroll with writing in Arabic that states in order of middle, right, left: "King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Who Hopes for help and sucess from God, Al Hussein bin Talal bin Abdullah.

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