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  Wikipedia: Consumerium

Wikipedia: Consumerium
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Consumerium is a not-for-profit project, developed under GFDL licence, using Wiki-software, to develop free software and infrastructure for storage, transport and display of product information to consumers and feedback to the producers to enhance the consumer experience, advance product development and to keep this planet as hospitable as possible in the future.


Consumerium is proud to do most of its research work in Wikipedia to avoid redundancy and boost synergy.

Short timeline of Consumerium

List of Wikipedia articles listed as research work in Consumerium

These need most work:

These should be started:
  • List of advertisement agencies (by country) (doesn't exist now)
  • List of association registers (doesn't exist now)
  • List of ethical funds (doesn't exist now)
  • List of non-governmental organisations (doesn't exist now)

These are fairly complete: Wikipedia:Wikiproject:

  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecoregions

List of fairly complete wikipedia articles related to Consumerium

(From If these interest you, you might want to check Consumerium out.)

Understanding buying choices and their effects:

Understanding moral choices as expressed in the marketplace: Directly relevant to consumerium mission, making actual moral buying choices:
  • Slow Food - tied for third most relevant? buy local, organic, etc.
  • Sweatshop - tied for third most relevant? often the target of
  • Boycott - second most relevant? usually shorter term than
  • Moral purchasing describes most exactly the mission
  • local food

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