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  Wikipedia: Detailed timeline for Jesus Christ

Wikipedia: Detailed timeline for Jesus Christ
Detailed timeline for Jesus Christ
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Among historians who are Christian Biblical scholars, the literature reveals the following detailed timeline for Jesus Christ. This timeline records Jesus Christ as the Messiah from accounts of Jesus' life.

Detailed timeline of Christ

Important years from biblical and historical sources.

c. 6 BC -

Suggested birth (Earliest) : Bethlehem

c. 5 BC -
Visit by shepherdss : Bethlehem
Presentation in the temple : Jerusalem
Visit by the Magi : Bethlehem
Escape to Egypt : Nile Delta
Return to Nazareth : Lower Galilee

c. 4 BC -
Herod's death
John the Baptist born.

c. 1 AD -
Suggested birth : Bethlehem

c. 6 AD -
Suggested birth (Latest). [Quirinius census]

c. 7 AD -
Visit to temple as a boy : Jerusalem

c.25 AD -
Baptized : Jordan River

26 AD -
Pilate appointed Judea governor

c.26 AD -
Tempted by Satan : Negev Desert
Cleansing of the temple : Jerusalem
Jesus and Nicodemus : Jerusalem

c.27 AD -
Talks to Samaritan woman : Samaria
Heals nobleman's son ("first miracle") : Cana
4 fishermen become followers : Sea of Galilee
Heals Peter's mother-in-law : Capernaum
Town attempts to kill Jesus : Nazareth
First preaching trip : Galilee
Matthew joins Jesus : Capernaum
Suggested death (Earliest) : Golgotha

c.28 AD -
Chooses 12 disciples : Capernaum
Ministry begins : Galilee
Preaches "Sermon on the Mount" : Capernaum
Sinful woman anoints Jesus : Capernaum
Travels through Galilee : Galilee
Teaches parables about kingdom : Galilee
Calms the storm : Sea of Galilee
Jairus's daughter back to life : Capernaum
Sends disciples to preach and heal : Capernaum
John the Baptist killed by Herod : Machaerus

c.29 AD -
Feeds 5,000 people : Bethsaida
Walks on water : Bethsaida
Travels to Tyre/Sidon
Feeds 4,000 people : Tyre/Sidon
Peter states Jesus is "Son of God" : Tyre/Sidon
States soon he will die : Caesarea Philippi
Transfigured : Caesarea Philippi
Pays temple taxes : Capernaum
Attends the Feast of the Tabernacles : Jerusalem
Heals a man who was born blind : Jerusalem

c.30 AD -
Second preaching trip : Galilee
Begins last trip : Jerusalem
Blesses little children : Jordon
Talks to rich and young man : Jordon
Tells about death and resurrection : Jordon
Heals blind Bartimaeus : Jericho
Talks to Zacchaeus : Jericho
Visits Martha and Mary : Bethany
Raises Lazarus from the dead : Bethany
The Triumphal Entry : Jerusalem
Curses the fig tree : Jerusalem
Cleanses the temple : Jerusalem
Authority of Jesus questioned : Jerusalem
Teaches in the temple : Jerusalem
Anointed : Bethany
The plot against Jesus : Bethany
The Last Supper : Bethany
Comforts the disciples : Bethany
Gethsemane : Bethany
Possible Arrest and trial : Bethany
Possible Crucifixion and death : Golgotha
The burial of Jesus : Josheph's Tomb
The empty tomb : Jerusalem
Mary Magdalene : Jerusalem
Appears to the two travelers : Emmaus
Appears to 10 disciples : Jerusalem
Appears to the 11 disciples : Jerusalem
Talks with some disciples : Sea of Galilee
Possible Resurrection : Mount of Olives

c.33 AD -
Suggested death (Friday, April 3rd, 3:00 pm). [1]
Possible Resurrection : Mount of Olives

c.36 AD -
Suggested death (Latest); Pilate removed
Possible Resurrection : Mount of Olives

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