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  Wikipedia: Hillel

Wikipedia: Hillel
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Hillel is a Hebrew name that has been held by many famous Jewish rabbis and thinkers.

  • Hillel the Elder, also Hillel the Babylonian. (end of first century B.C.E. to beginning of first century C.E.). This Hillel is considered the greatest sage of the Second Temple period.

  • Hillel II (330365 C.E.) The son of Judah Nesiah, grandson of Gamaliel IV. Nasi of the Jewish community of his day.

  • Hillel, son of Gamaliel III (third century BCE) This Hillel was the son of Gamaliel III, grandson of Judah ha-Nasi, and younger brother of Judah Nesiah. His sayings are recorded in the Talmud, but he is usually only referred to as "Hillel"; this ambiguity has caused a number of his saying to have been erroneously attributed to Hillel the Elder.

  • Hillel ben Eliakim (12th century CE), Rabbi and talmudic scholar in Greece. He is sometimes cited as "Hillel of Greece" or "Hillel of Romania".

  • Hillel ben Naphtali Zevi (16151690), Lithuanian rabbi.

  • Hillel ben Samuel (c. 1220c. 1295 CE), Rabbi, physician, and philosopher.

  • Judah Loen Landau, (1866-1942). Wrote under the pseudonym of Hillel ben Shakhar. South African rabbi, playwright, poet.

  • Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life is a non-denominational Jewish college organzation.

Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life (Off-site link)


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