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  Wikipedia: Interstate 40

Wikipedia: Interstate 40
Interstate 40
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Interstate 40 is a major west-east interstate highway in the United States. Its western terminus is at Interstate 15 in Barstow, California; its eastern terminus is at North Carolina State Highway 132 in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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  • At each end of I-40 there is a sign giving the distance to the other end.

  • In Memphis, I-40 was originally intended to go through the city's Overton Park toward downtown. Several miles of interstate were actually built within the I-240 loop; this portion of highway still exists and is in regular use. However, public opposition, combined with a court victory by opponents of the Overton Park route, forced abandonment of the plans, and the road never reached the park. For several years, I-40 signage existed on the dead-end route toward Overton Park. Eventually, the northern portion of the I-240 loop was redesignated as I-40.

  • The Government of California has submitted Highway 58 between Barstow and Bakersfield for I-40 extension potential.

  • The state of Arkansas originally asked AASHTO to allow the Interstate segment between Fort Smith and Bentonville to be named Interstate 49, to emphasize plans to extend the route from Shreveport, Louisiana through Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri. AASHTO refused, and the route opened in 1999 as a northern extension of I-540.

  • Future Interstate 840 around Nashville, Tennessee was once planned to completely surround the city. But in October 2003, Tennessee DOT discontinued plans for a northern loop around the city. Currently the Highway is signed as Tennessee 840.

  • I-40 in New Mexico has driveway entrances, contrary to standards, due to the extremely remote area I-40 passes through, making ramps much too costly for just ranch access.


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