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  Wikipedia: Kappa

Wikipedia: Kappa
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Kappa (Κ κ) is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numeric value of 20.

In mathematics, the Kappa Curve is named after this letter; the tangents of this curve were first calculated by Barrow (17th Century).

The upper-case letter Κ is used as a symbol for:

A kappa is a type of water imp in Japanese mythology. It seems to be an amalgam of a frog and a turtle, having the limbs of the former, and the shell and beak of the latter. On its head is a depression which is filled with water from the body of water it lives in. It feasts on people, but is unable to survive out of water unless the depression on its head is filled with water - in part the Japanese custom of bowing is a defense against kappa, as the kappa responds to a bow with one of its own, emptying the depression on its head, and forcing it to retreat to its watery home. A notable literary appearance is the short story Kappa by Akutagawa Ryunosuke.

Kappa have been featured in several Final Fantasy games.

In traditional Finnish measures, a kappa is used as a volume measure at market squares. Physically it is a wooden box open at one side, and is most frequently used to measure potatoes for customers.


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