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  Wikipedia: Kingdom Hall

Wikipedia: Kingdom Hall
Kingdom Hall
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Kingdom Hall is the name of meeting places for Jehovah's Witnesses. The term was first suggested in 1935 by J. F. Rutherford, then president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Jehovah's Witnesses use Kingdom Halls for the majority of their worship and Bible instruction.


Typically three nights a week (or more, depending upon how many congregations use the same building), a congregation will meet in their Kingdom Hall. Meetings usually open and close with song and prayer. Gatherings held in the Kingdom Hall include Bible readings, public talks on matters such as the Bible, family life, Christian qualities and prophecy, as well as discussion of specially-prepared study articles in The Watchtower magazine and other publications of Jehovah's Witnesses. Furthermore, Witnesses meet in Kingdom Halls for preparation and prayer before engaging in their door-to-door ministry.


The Kingdom Hall is largely maintained by the members of the congregations that use it. Larger repair and maintenance projects are coordinated by the Regional Building Committee.

The cost of maintenance is covered by unsolicited donations made by those attending the meetings. Witnesses in Western countries also contribute towards the construction of meeting places for fellow believers in less prosperous parts of the world.

Location and Presentation

Kingdom Halls vary in size and design. They are usually modest, functional structures, clean and attractive, but essentially practical. As Witnesses do not use religious symbols, such are not displayed on Kingdom Halls.


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