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  Wikipedia: Miles

Wikipedia: Miles
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  1. See mile, Unit of measurement

  2. Miles Aircraft Company. UK Manufacturer of Light and Military Aeroplanes.

    The company was founded by Fred and George Miles and went through various incarnations including Philips and Powis Aircraft.

    Famous creations include the Miles Hawk Trainer - also known as the Magister, the Messenger and the Gemini. During the Second World War they produced the Master advanced trainer too.

    Having produced a revolutionary load carrier, the AeroVan, and almost produced the first jet plane to break the sound barrier - the M52 whose design influenced the Bell X-1, they went bust in around 1948, with the remnants being bought by Handley Page Aircraft. Eventually the Aerovan design was developed by Shorts Aircraft into the Skyvan, and finally the SD360 "Flying Shed."

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