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  Wikipedia: Mormonism

Wikipedia: Mormonism
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Mormonism (also called Latter Day Saint theology or Mormon theology and Latter Day Saint Culture Mormon Culture) is a religion, belief system, and culture originating in the early 1800s as a product of the Latter Day Saint movement. Most who practice Mormonism may be respectfully referred to as LDS, Latter Day Saints (and often Saints), or Mormons.

Adherents to Mormonism consider the religion to be a form of Christianity, because of a central belief in Jesus Christ, and that he is the son of God and the Messiah. However, some Christians disagree, because of some of the religion's unique doctrines and practices. See Mormonism and Christianity. Mormonism is also a form of Restorationism, which seeks a restoration to an original, truer, Christianity that is thought to have been lost through the ages after the death of Christ.

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