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  Wikipedia: Mu (letter)

Wikipedia: Mu (letter)
Mu (letter)
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Mu (Μ μ) is the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numeric value of 40.

The lower-case letter μ is used as the symbol for:

  • The Möbius function in mathematics.
  • The SI prefix micro-, which represents one millionth, or 10-6.
  • Formerly, the micron, an old unit corresponding to the micrometer.
  • The coefficient of friction, ie. the ratio of the limiting frictional force between two surfaces against the normal contact force.
  • The elementary particle called muon in particle physics.
  • Reduced mass in the two-body problem in physics.
  • Rarely, to distinguish between one item represented by m and another (but m might be an easier option).


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