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  Wikipedia: Orrick Glenday Johns

Wikipedia: Orrick Glenday Johns
Orrick Glenday Johns
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Orrick Glenday Johns (born June 2, 1887 - July 8, 1946) was a poet and playwright. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri to George Sibley Johns and Minnehaha McDearmon.

His works include:

  • 1917 - Asphalt and Other Poems
  • 1920 - Black Branches, A Book of Poetry and Plays
  • 1925 - Blindfold, a novel
  • 1926 - Wild Plum: Lyrics, with Sonnets to Charis
  • 1937 - Time of Our Lives, the Story of My Father and Myself, autobiography

Orrick Johns committed suicide.

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