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  Wikipedia: Punk

Wikipedia: Punk
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The noun punk these days often refers to a miscreant or subversive. In prison slang, punk refers to someone who is treated as a sexual submissive.

Punk rock, named in reference to the above term, is a largely musical movement that arose in the late 1970s and reached its peak in the early 1980s.

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The original meaning of punk is tinder or combustible material such as blue-green mould (variations: funk, spunk) which grows on faggots of firewood and causes explosive "pop" sounds when the fire is lit.

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In the English county of Somerset there are two traditional uses of the term "punk" (in local dialect): Firstly there is "Hunky Punk" meaning a stone carving of an ugly face on the walls of buildings, a variant of Gargoyle and secondly there is "Punkie Night" a local Somerset variation of Halloween.

Books: Peter Poyntz Wright, Hunky punks, Avebury Publishing Co., 1982. ISBN 0861270142

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