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  Wikipedia: Solid Snake

Wikipedia: Solid Snake
Solid Snake
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Solid Snake is the main protagonist in the video game series, Metal Gear. He is voiced by David Hayter in the Metal Gear Solid series. Hideo Kojima based Solid Snake on the character Snake Pliskin from John Carpenter's movie Escape from New York.

He is an ex-Fox-Hound operator. He has an IQ of 180 and speaks 6 lanquages fluently. He is also known as "The Legendary Mercenary", "A man who changes impossible into possible", since his outstanding activities in "Outer Heaven" and "Uprising of Zanzibar". Colonal Campbell called Snake back from his solitary life in Alaska which he has been living since he left Fox-Hound, to ask him to infiltrate Shadow Moses island.

  • Codename: Solid Snake
  • Real name: Unknown
  • Alias: Iroquoi Pliskin
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 30s
  • Nationality: USA
  • Height: 182 cm


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