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Wikipedia: Tennessee
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State nickname: Volunteer State

Other U.S. States
Capital Nashville
Largest City Memphis
 - Total
 - Land
 - Water
 - % water
Ranked 36th
109,247 kmē
106,846 kmē
2,400 kmē
 - Total (2000)
 - Density
Ranked 16th
Admittance into Union
 - Order
 - Date

June 1, 1796
Time zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Central: UTC-6/-5
East TN in Eastern, Middle and West TN in Central
35°N to 36°41'N
81°37'W to 90°28'W
195 km
710 km
2,025 meters
275 meters
54 meters
ISO 3166-2:US-TN
Tennessee is a southern state of the United States.

USS Tennessee was named in honor of this state.


Law and Government

Tennessee's governor holds office for a four year term and may serve any number of terms, but not more than two in a row. The speaker of the state Senate has the title of lieutenant governor. See:List of Tennessee Governors.

The General Assembly, ( the state's legislature) consists of the Senate which has 33 members and the House of Representatives with 99 members. Senators serve four year terms, and House members serve two year terms.

The highest court in Tennessee is the state Supreme Court. It has a chief justice and four associate justices. The Court of Appeals has 12 judges. The Court of Criminal Appeals has nine judges.

Tennessee's current state constitution was adopted in 1870. The state had two earlier constitutions. The first was adopted in 1796, the year Tennessee joined the union, and the second was adopted in 1834.


See:List of Tennessee counties''

It is bordered on the north by Kentucky and Virginia, on the east by North Carolina, on the south by Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and on the west by Arkansas and Missouri. The state is bisected by the Tennessee River.

The state of Tennessee is traditionally divided by its people into three "grand divisions" - East, Middle, and West Tennessee.


According to U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2001 Tennessee's Gross State Product was $115,204,000,000, 1.1% of the total Gross National Product.

The 2001, the per capita personal income was $26,808, 36th in the nation, and only 88% of the national per capita personal income of $30,413. Total earnings were $110,654,536,000.(BEARFACTS)

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  • Major industries/products
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  • state population
According to the 2000 census, Tennessee is 79.2% white, 16.4% black, 0.3% Native American, and 1% Asian.
  • religious makeup of state

Important Cities and Towns

The capital is Nashville. Memphis has the largest population of any city proper in the state, but Nashville has a slightly larger metropolitan area, comprising over 20% of the state's population. Chattanooga and Knoxville, both in the eastern part of the state near the Smoky Mountains, have approximately a third of Memphis or Nashville's population. The three towns of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City make up a fifth significant population center, often called the "Tri-Cities", in the far northeast of the state. As of 2000, the population is 5,689,283.

Tennessee cities' claims to fame are:


Colleges and Universities

Professional Sports Teams

Famous Tennesseans

see List of famous Tennesseans see List of Governors of Tennessee

Miscellaneous Information

See: Tennessee State Flag

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