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  Wikipedia: The Screen Savers

Wikipedia: The Screen Savers
The Screen Savers
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The Screen Savers is a live American television program, shown on the TechTV channel, which premiered along with the channel (then known as ZDTV) on May 11, 1998.

The Screen Savers is best described as a computer/technology variety show, which presents computer industry and technology related news, product demonstrations, software clinics, and interviews with notable people, usually with some levity. Like a talk radio show, the hosts take phone calls from viewers as well.

Hosts and Hostesses, Past and Present

  • Leo Laporte
  • Patrick Norton
  • Kevin Rose
  • Jessica Corbin
  • Sarah Lane
  • Yoshi DeHerrera
  • Morgan Webb (now seen on X-Play)
  • Cat Schwartz (now seen on Call For Help)
  • Megan Morrone (left to have a baby, now works for Microsoft)
  • Martin Sargent (now seen on Unscrewed)
  • Kate Botello
  • Dan Huard

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