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  Wikipedia: The stories of Christianity

Wikipedia: The stories of Christianity
The stories of Christianity
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The stories of Christianity make up an ancient, culturally important body of literature that have served and for many, continue to serve the purpose of providing moral and historical instruction, and building the faith of believers. The best-known and most important of these can be read in the Bible (see Bible stories).

More general remarks are needed!

There are other stories sourced from the various Apocrypha:

  • We need a list of narratives from the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books.
  • The creation of the evil demi-god Yahweh (called by many other names) from the Gnostic Gospel of Truth, formed from the desire of Sophia (wisdom) to have a child without the knowledge of her consort.
  • More NT Apocrypha narratives!

Other stories related to Christianity, but not sourced from the Bible include: Compare: Christian mythology

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