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  Wikipedia: Twelfth Night (band)

Wikipedia: Twelfth Night (band)
Twelfth Night (band)
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Twelfth Night is a British progressive rock band of the 1980s. full details to follow

Albums include:

  • Live at the Target (instrumental) 1981
  • Smiling at Grief (originally cassette only, later on CD) 1982
  • Fact and Fiction 1983 (most recent CD issue includes bonus tracks)
  • Live and Let Live (live) 1983 (CD includes bonus tracks)
  • Art and Illusion 1984 (CD includes bonus tracks)
  • Twelfth Night 1986
  • Collector's Item (compilation with two new songs) 1991
  • Collector's Item (reissue with some different material) 2001

The album Twelfth Night has never been released on CD due to an apparent contractual dispute, although one track from the album appeared on the original version of the Collector's Item CD, and another was added on the reissue. The band have indicated that if they are unable to reacquire the original recordings they may re-form in order to re-record the entire album for CD.

External Link:

The Twelfth Night Collector; a fan site containing useful information.


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