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Wikipedia: Wiki software
Wiki software
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Wiki software is a type of collaborative software that runs a Wiki system. It is usually a CGI script that runs on web server(s) in the World Wide Web. A WikiWikiWeb is a site where readers can edit the pages through an HTML form. Wikis are used for collaboration, conversation, documentation, or all three. All pages are stored in a DBMS and hyperlinking is dynamic. Wikipedia is an example of such a system.

The first such software was originated or created by Ward Cunningham. Now, many different scripts exist. They clone or enhance the original version. A list of these different Wiki script-variants can be found at Many are written in Perl and available under the (GNU) General Public License (GPL.

Some of the most popular Wiki scripts include:

  • Very Quick Wiki: Very Quick Wiki is a WikiWiki web clone written using JavaServer Pages and servlets and designed to install and run with minimum effort on Jakarta Tomcat or some other Java application server.

  • CitiWiki has been called the "Wiki of the next generation".

  • Swiki is considered "super-portable and easy to set up and use".

  • InterWiki

  • MetaWiki

  • PHP Wiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP.

  • JSP Wiki is based on JavaServer_Pages and available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

  • TipiWiki is intended to be small, simple, and strictly XHTML standard-compliant, using plain text files.

  • Flex Wiki is a .Net enabled Wiki tool, available in binaries or source code. Very easy to use work with and modify.

  • TWiki is a JOS Wiki development for business intranets.

  • UseModWiki is a reimplementation/clone of Ward Cunningham's original Wiki concept .

  • OddMuse is a fork project of UseModWiki.

  • Lexi is a crossbreed between Wiki and a lexicon, where special WikiWord markup for linking no longer is needed.

  • Zwiki is a Zope-based Wiki clone.

  • MoinMoin is a Wiki clone in the Python programming language.

  • Kwiki is perhaps the simplest, most modular and easy-to-extend Wiki.

  • MediaWiki was custom-designed for the high-volume Wikipedia encyclopedia project. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database backend. The Phase III version is an improvement over Software Phase II, while the earlier Wikipedia used different software.

  • SnipSnap is a Java-based package that combines Wiki and blog concepts. It includes its own web server, but can be built as a war file for use in other servlet engines.

  • Piki is a Python-based Wiki. It is fairly basic, and quick and simple to install, but a reasonably secure Wiki.

  • Pikie is another Python Wiki, but much more powerful than Piki. It produces a Wiki that resembles a typical website, and visitors can even choose which "skin" to view the site with.

  • Wikinehesa is a Python Wiki with more features than Piki and fewer than Pikie. Currently in beta stage development and testing, it is designed to be fairly secure and very easy to install when it is released.

  • Wypy is a Python Wiki with a very minimalist function set, using a mere 23 lines of code.

  • CLiki is called "a free collaborative hypertext authoring program, written in Common Lisp. Modelled on Wiki, it's free software using the MIT license .... It presently runs in SBCL; it requires Araneida which needs the SBCL socket library." Considered extremely powerful, it has been implemented at, and

  • PmWiki

Client-side Wiki software

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